Welcome to, Lartu's (that's me!) personal website. I keep this online as my personal server and repository of things I've worked on, feel free to look around.

Most of the projects listed here are open-source and released under free licenses, so if you find anything you would like to fork, please go ahead.

Last updated on 2020-7-13.

Contact & Social Media

You can send me an 📧 email to My 🐦 Twitter handle is @martulartu. My 💾 GitHub user is lartu. If you use 💼 LinkedIn, you can find me at in/lartu.


In languages you can find programming languages I have created. In libraries, you can find code libraries I've written for multiple purposes and languages. More code projects can be found in the projects section. I have also developed a number of video-games and novelties.

In the academia page you can find academic work I've taken part of, written mostly in Spanish. I've also hosted some coding events. You may also be here for my talks and lectures.

I may also infrequently post entries to my blog.

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