Hi there! I'm redesigning my website right now. If you want to visit my old site while this one is being redesigned, head over to Some subsites may still be hosted on the old site.

Hi there, I'm Lartu. I'm a programmer and hobbyist game developer currently residing in Argentina. Welcome to my personal website. I keep this as my personal server and repository of things I've worked on, feel free to look around. It's been online (under various domain names) since 2015-11-29 (that's almost five years!).

Most of the projects listed here are open-source and released under free licenses, so if you find anything you would like to fork, please go ahead. My games are a notable exception to this. Sorry!

Contact & Social Media

You can send me an email to My Twitter handle is @martulartu. My GitHub user is lartu. If you use LinkedIn, you can find me at in/lartu.

Navigating my Website

If you are on a PC you can use the sidebar on the right to visit each section of my website. Otherwise, you can use the Mobile Menu as a replacement. You can also find a link to it next to the site title on top of every page (mobile only).


  • 2020-09-16: Moved to a new server infrastructure. Website redesigned.
  • 2020-08-23: Website theme changed.
  • 2020-08-22: Soft Drizzle added to the games section of the website.
  • 2020-08-01: has been accepted into the Low Tech Webring and the website footer has been updated accordingly.

Low Tech Webring is a proud member of the Low Tech Webring. The site to the left of is hazel's site, while the one to the right is Comet Pustรณj's site. Pay them a visit! Also be sure to pay the Low Tech Directory a visit to discover more amazing personal websites.


At the moment most of my content is on the old website.

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Also visit my page to find more about my games.