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These are some code libraries I have written for a number of languages and purposes. Their sources are available on GitHub and they are all released under free licenses.


lstring is a simple, utf-8 string library for C++. If lets you use strings like "你好,世界!" and index and substring them and take their length. I mean, it does what you'd expect a library like this to do. The complexity for each function has been curated so that it's efficient to use.


p5.clickable is a p5.js library that lets you create and customize buttons and assign event based behaviours to them. Plain speaking, with p5.clickable you can create buttons and define what happens when the user hovers over, clicks, releases or moves their cursor out of them. It was designed with the intention of copying the way buttons worked in ActionScript 2 (onPress(), onRelease(), etc.) and I believe I've been fairly successful in that endeavour. This library is featured in the libraries section of the official p5.js website.


ShibaHug is a PHP library that makes interfacing PHP with MySQL as easy as pie. It is designed to be very easy to use, plug-and-play, lightweight and straight to the point. ShibaHug was designed for my own personal PHP projects that relied on database backends and has been field tested quite a lot. It provides means to secure data against SQL Injections and simple functions to execute basic SQL operations.

Other Libraries

cpptrim: Simple string trimming function library for C++ (removes leading and trailing whitespace from strings). Single header file. Does what it says in the box.

cppregex: Very simple, single header file, easy to use C++11 std::regex wrapper for lazy people who just want to use regex in C++ without having to mingle with std::regex boilerplate code.

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