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These are some coding projects I've worked on. Their sources are available on GitHub and they are all released under free licenses. Feel free to fork or contribute to any of them and do not hesitate to get in touch with me should you have any question regarding them.


OpenNapkin is a graphical Gopher client written in Gambas3. I wrote OpenNapkin because I wasn't able to find another Gopher client that wasn't written only for console or that wasn't part of a much bigger web-browsing suite. OpenNapkin offers just what you can see on the screeshot: a way to load Gopher sites, basic interaction and basic bookmark keeping. Nothing more, nothing less.


ast (the average and sum tool) is a command line tool designed to calculate the sum, mean, variance or standard deviation of a list of numbers passed through stdin (naturally, for Unix systems). This tool was the consecuence of a discussion I had with Professor Brian W. Kernighan via email about domain specific languages and the importance of designing simple tools that did one thing or two right that could automate tedious tasks on your day to day work. As obtaining the standard deviation, mean, variance and sum of large lists of numbers was a thing I constantly did, naturally this came to fruition.


Lute (Lartu's Utility for Text Editing), is a simple, no-nonsense text editor for Unix and general *nix systems written in LDPL. While written as a proof of concept for ncurses extension of my LDPL Programming Language, Lute is a completely functional editor and has been written using mostly itself as the text editor for its own source code.


led (the LDPL Text Editor), is a line text editor written in LDPL, inspired by the ed and sed text editors, but friendlier! I have no excuse for this, I just find ed and sed to be very interesting and wanted to write one of my own. LDPL is a wonderful language for these kinds of tasks that involve text management and user interaction, so I really enjoyed writing this!

The Mitsubachi Chat Protocol

Mitsubachi is a tiny and open chat protocol, designed to be minimal, easy to implement, easy to use and easy to understand. Mitsubachi supports nicknames, nickname changing, user-to-user messaging and channel / group (known in Mitsubachi as "distribution lists") chat.

I designed the Mitsubachi protocol because I found that most common, open chat protocols (IRC, XMPP, etc.) are too complex to implement properly and completely. Writing a very bare-bones IRC client is easy, but implementing the whole protocol is not. XMPP messages are way to heavy to be reliable on high-latency, low-bandwidth networks. The protocol is also very complex for an amateur, casual client / server writer to implement. Mitsubachi aims to address all these issues.

Other Projects

ASM Formatter: Very simple automatic ASM code indentator.

Gallemathic: Notepad-like tool designed to ease math writing by computer.

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