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I enjoy public speaking very much and I've spoken at several conferences on topics such as Google Firebase, digital logic and probability applied to machine learning. Most talks and lectures I've given are listed below, with their respective titles in Spanish and an English description of what they were about.

SdC 2019

Title: Conociendo LDPL: una mala idea con dos buenos mensajes
Description: Workshop on my programming language LDPL and the lessons it taught me – Department of Computing, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2019)
Multimedia: Can be watched here. Get the slides for the workshop here.

Google Devfest 2018

Title: Aplicaciones multiusuario en 15 minutos con Firebase Database
Description: Lecture on Google Firebase and how it can be used to develop and quickly deploy multiuser applications – Google DevFest Buenos Aires (2018)

SdC 2018

Title: De Boole a los Microprocesadores
Description: Workshop on Boolean algebra and its relation to microprocessor development – Department of Computing, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2018)

SdC 2017

Title: Un Paseo por el Desarrollo de Software de Generación Estadística de Música
Description: Workshop on statistical techniques for computer aided music composition software development – Department of Computing, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2017)

SdM 2017

Title: Musiqué, la Computadora que Compone Música
Description: Presentation on Analysis and Statistics in the field of computer aided music composition – Semana de la Matemática – Department of Mathematics, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2017)


I've also given a few smaller presentations on the history of probability (2017) and space maximization algorithms applied to the placement of oil drilling platforms (2018).

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